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Parent company Tech Access Pty Ltd established in 2000 as a joint venture with US Based multinational Technology Services company, diversified in to Access Energy which has now established itself as a Leading Australian Solar Provider with a range of products and services with a motto 'Greener living made simpler'.

Formed from a company operating since 2000, Access Energy has established itself as a Leading Australian Solar Provider. Operating out of Moorabbin in Melbourne, we service a large geographical region including: Victoria, NSW, Queensland and the ACT.

Customer satisfaction is our highest goal

We guarantee:

  • An extensive range of Premium brands at Affordable prices
  • Professional setup ( With a high rate of no-issue installations)
  • Support at every step of the way with our friendly customer service representatives.

Our aim is to be working for you, we engage the best of technology and finance solutions and wide range of suppliers and installers of Solar and related products and services, to ensure that from start to finish; your transition to solar is a smooth one and pleasurable one.

At Access Energy, our goal is to assist both private households and commercial businesses in their transition to the proven renewable energy resource - Solar Energy. With a team passionate about providing tailor made solutions with excellent customer service along with state of the art technology at affordable prices, why not go Solar with a company that shares your commitment to environmentally sustainable energy.

One of our side projects, the first and only enterprise wide online software solution for Solar Retailers, has now become a full –fledged piece of software, Solar eCRM. Tailor made for Solar Retailers, developed in house, this piece of software exemplifies our dedication to all facets of the Solar Industry.

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