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At Access Energy, we have streamlined the purchase process so that you are able measure and assess your solar requirements online.
Our state of the art Solar eCRM allows us to look at, measure the roof area and estimate solar system requirements and savings. This means that in most cases, site visits can be avoided, thus reducing time and costs. This interactive feature allows Access Energy to provide a less expensive solar solution for our customers without hindering installation quality.
If you request, then we have friendly consultants that will provide you with a free assessment at your home.

There are many brands which seem to suggest the origin of product. We strive to stock and deliver many brands made in many parts of the wold.

We take pride in quality delivery, installation and service.We will go out of our way to meet customer’s expectation including price.

We take pride in quality delivery, installation and service. We will go out of our way to meet customer expectation including price.

Victoria, NSW, Queensland and Tasmania as well.

o An extensive range of Premium brands at Affordable prices
o Professional setup ( With of no-issue complete installations)
o Support at every step of the way with our friendly customer service representatives

Access Energy uses Clean Energy Council accredited installers which is a mandatory requirement to ensure standards are followed and strict inspection requirements are met.

The Clean Energy Council is the regulatory body for Australia’s clean energy sector. It is an industry association made up of more than 600 member companies operating in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency. We use clean energy council approved products only to assure quality.

Working for you, we consult with the best suppliers and installers of Solar PV Panels, to ensure that from start to finish; your transition to Solar is a smooth one and pleasurable one.

Founded by a company operating in Australia since 2000, Access Energy has established itself as a reliable Solar Provider, Operating out of Melbourne

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