• move the cost of equipment off-balance sheet.
  • save your working capital for other business purposes

7 reasons to consider CAFGA

  • Matrix Solar is the new 5 years leasing solution
  • Leasing now available from $5000 to $50,000 on quick approval
  • ABN, driver’s license, Medicare card copies required
  • Must be in business for min 3 years, with no bad credit
  • directors must own property
  • Approval in 24 hours when all the request documents have been submitted
  • No other fee but just the instalments for 60 months



Smart companies look for strategic advantage and act quickly to maximise their competitiveness. If this means acquiring new technology – to increase capacity or enhance operational processes – capital funds are not always available.

Would you like to acquire the equipment you need to meet your business goals now, rather than waiting until budgets permit? Would you like the convenience of using an alternate-funding source, leaving your existing credit lines intact?


If the technology you need has a limited useful life, don’t outlay your valuable working capital. With a CAFGA operating lease you can start using the technology your business needs now, as an off-balance sheet expense with no capital outlay and no residual position.

You pay a monthly fee for the equipment during its useful life. Once it is no longer adequate or has been superseded by newer technology, you can simply hand it back and upgrade. Our flexible options mean you can even upgrade some or all components before the end of the contract if required.

Either way, you won’t end up owning and having to dispose of obsolete technology, and you benefit from lower payments over the term of your contract because we assume the residual on the equipment.



In term, payment structure and the timing of your equipment upgrades.


A CAFGA operating lease is off-balance sheet and fully compliant with requisite accounting standards. Your payments are immediately deductible.


  • One Payment - Your monthly payment can incorporate your maintenance and insurance fees.
  • Simple Documentation - Simply sign a one-page schedule when you require a new drawdown from the credit facility.
  • Easy Disposal - Hand the equipment back at the end of the term or earlier and we take responsibility for eco-friendly disposal.


An operating lease from CAFGA lets you:

  • move the cost of equipment off-balance sheet
  • start using the equipment your business needs – when you need it
  • save your working capital for other business purposes
  • preserve existing credit lines for other aspects of your business
  • leave your security collateral available - CAFGA requires no additional security on the assets we finance
  • increase accuracy in budget and cash flow forecasting through fixed payments
  • reduce the impact on your balance sheet - an operating lease is not treated as a capital expense so does not affect your balance sheet
  • reduce rental payments, as CAFGA takes the residual position on the equipment


We organise all the paperwork associated with the finance application on your behalf. After we conduct a credit review and establish your master facility, simply send equipment invoices to CAFGA, and we ensure your suppliers are paid on the due dates.

For each drawdown, you sign a one-page equipment schedule and return it to us, and settlement usually occurs the following day. CAFGA has a total lifecycle approach to financing technology. Before your operating lease expires, we work with you to develop a plan to hand back, upgrade or continue to rent the equipment.


We offer an alternative source of financing – leaving your security collateral and other credit lines intact. Our independence as a financier means we always get the best arrangements for our clients.

No fees or charges on our facilities mean you won’t be stung by unexpected financial outlays in the future. Flexibility in term and payment structure is tailored to suit your business requirements.

Our streamlined service model provides you with a single point of contact throughout your contract lifecycle.


CAFGA is an independent asset-based financier. The CAFGA group has been established 27 years and ranked in the top 100 on the 2004 BRW Top 500 Private Companies in Australia. CAFGA applies high levels of service, skill, flexibility and experience to deliver innovative financing solutions to Australian enterprises.

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