• Proven investment returns
  • Market your business as environmental friendly
  • Take advantage of government incentives

Solar for your business

The demand for Solar PV amongst businesses has seen a sharp rise in recent years. This is because its ability to become a viable alternative to grid-sourced electricity is now becoming well known.

The installation of Solar PVs will not only combat rising electricity prices but also present other business benefits including:

  • Adding a piece of capital to your business, with a guaranteed life span as well as proven investment returns.
  • The ability to market your business as environmentally friendly, as you now possess a piece of technology that’s “green” credentials are well known and respected amongst your customers.
  • Taking advantage of government incentives and rebates for Solar (Vary by state).

Here at Access Energy we have the experience and knowledge of the industry to design a system tailored to your business that is not only cost efficient but also environmentally sustainable. Contact us today to find out how we can facilitate your transition to Solar in such a way that meets your financial requirements.

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