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Mounesh Badiger - Managing Director

Mounesh Badiger is a postgraduate engineer with extensive business management expertise in the corporate and multi-national environments. For several years, Mounesh managed consumer goods and consumer finance business and systems. Access Energy is a major initiative to bring sustainable living solutions to consumers in an innovative and affordable way, Solar electricity, Solar hot water, Solar driven energy storage, irrigation pumps and air-conditioning systems are just a few of the products and services.

Ian Charles Slater OAM - Director

Ian Charles Salter has been legal board adviser for several years at Access Energy. He has over 40 years comprehensive experience and is the presiding Chairman of several companies and organisations in diverse industries. He has also been extensively involved in community service for which he was awarded OAM..

Robin James

Robin is the IT leader at Access Energy. Over the years he has built our comprehensive solar business management systems that now operate on cloud and allow hundreds of sales, installation and customer service professionals to manage their business efficiently and effectively build our solid base of happy customers.

Julia Chua - Operations Leader

Julia is one of our founding team members at Access Energy. She has handled every aspect within the company from start with such commitment that suppliers and customers both have developed a great deal of respect for her.

Shabari V - Marketing Specialist

Shabari is a double degree holder in Computer Science and Ecommerce from RMIT but has his heart in advertising and marketing. He currently provides the complete range of support services to Sales Teams across Australia and overseas.

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