Premium Panels

Premium panels
  • Exceptional standard of quality
  • The best long-term value
  • Proven solar technology

The very best in solar panels

When purchasing a solar system, the quality of the components to be used is a key consideration. However, differentiating one brand from another is far from simple. Premium panels (often referred to as Tier 1 panels) represent only a small slice (2%) of the total number of manufacturers on the market. However, it is crucial for consumers to note that a number of factors clearly set premium panels apart from their competitors.

Premium Panels are vertically integrated, meaning that they utilise only their own products from the ground up. Hence they invest heavily in research & development.

Furthermore, they use advanced robotic manufacturing techniques that ensure an exceptional standard of quality. This leads to a significant reduction in manufacturing costs and warranty issues.

Premium panels are constructed by companies with at least 5 years’ history producing solar panels. For companies to have been operating for this amount of time, in what is a relatively young industry, is testament to a company’s commitment to both its own longevity and its customers.

At Access Energy, we stock premium solar panel brands including:

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  • Hanover Solar
    Handover solar
    • Manufactured in Germany and Jiangsu, China,
    • Use ABB production equipment
    • Individually flash tested for quality assurance
  • Sunrise
    • Tolerance 0~+3%
    • High Transmission, low iron Tempered Glass
    • Plug & Play Connectors
  • Canadian Solar
    Canadian solar
    • EL screening to eliminate product defects
    • Accredited Salt mist/Ammonia resistance
    • High PID Resistance

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