Quality Panels

Quality panels
  • Represent the bulk of the market
  • Cheaper than premium panels
  • Buyers must diligently research suppliers

Panels for those on a budget

Regular panels, also known as Quality panels, are slightly less effective and durable when compared to premium panels. Although they comprise the bulk of the market (90%), the level of investment in research and development is less compared to premium panels.

Quality panels often use components that are manufactured by other companies that are less likely to invest is independent research and development. In addition, the assembling of parts used to construct quality panels is reliant on manual labour.

At Access Energy, whilst we recommend that customers purchase premium panels, we only supply regular panels that meet stringent quality standards.

At Access Energy, we stock regular solar panel brands including:

  • LDK Solar
  • CSUN
  • Sunowe

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  • LDK Solar
    LDK Solar
    • Module power output warranty
    • Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified factories
    • High-reliability
  • CSUN
    • High Module Efficiency: 16.02%
    • Low power tolerance of ±3%
    • Black backsheet is also available.
  • Sunowe
    • 10 years product warranty
    • Performance warranty 12 years 90%
    • Performance warranty 25 years 80%

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