Solar Systems

Solar system components
  • Premium panels and inverters
  • Hot water solutions
  • Air conditioners

We’re experts in everything solar

At Access Energy, we are proud to be your one-stop shop for everything solar. We partner with the best brands to provide our customers with a solar solution that is of the highest standard. We are able to offer our customers exceptional value on our entire product range.

At Access Energy, we have a diverse catalogue of products including:

  • Solar panels, which are installed by licensed solar technicians.
  • An inverter to convert DC electricity from solar panels into AC power that is supply suitable for domestic appliances
  • Tilt kits, which may be required for the installation of the solar panels. This is appropriate if the pitch of your roof is not between 15 to 30 degrees
  • Wiring and mounting systems
  • Product and service warranty
  • Solar hot water
  • Solar air conditioners

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Range of Solar Systems

Solar Air Conditioner
Solar air conditioner
  • Keep cool this Christmas
  • Enjoy air conditioning without thinking of bills
  • The very latest in solar technology
Solar Hot Water
Solar hot water system
  • The biggest range of solar hot water systems
  • The best brands
  • Competitive prices
Solar Packages
  • Systems configured and ready to install
  • Inverters to compliment your panels
  • A one-stop shop for everything you need
Solar Inverter
Solar inverters
  • Transforms DC electricity to AC power
  • Integral to your solar system
  • For grid and off-grid systems
Solar Panels
Solar panels
  • Huge range of providers
  • Customised to fit to your roof
  • Usage capacity to suit different households

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