Basic Types of Solar PV Systems

There are basically three types of solar PV systems.

  • The system which is very much in demand is the grid-connected system. As the name suggests, these types of systems are directly connected to the utility grid. The main feature of this system is that, the excess of electricity produced by the solar PV system and not needed may be simply fed into the main grids. At the same time, whenever sufficient electricity is not generated by the solar system, electricity can be drawn from the grid, therefore helping you to stay with electricity 24x7.
  • The second type is the stand-alone power systems(SAPS). As the name stands in this system, power is obtained for the home needs only without any power coming from the grid. In this system energy generated is stored in batteries for future use for example, on a cloudy day or at night. These are mostly used in rural or remote areas.
  • The third type is the hybrid system. This system is a combination of grid-interactive system and stand-alone system. There is a battery back-up in order to supply electricity during a grid failure or to charge the batteries with solar power during low cost off-peak tariffs and utilize them during high tariff cost.

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