Hybrid System

hybrid systems

A hybrid solar system also known as ‘on-grid solar with battery storage’ generates power in the same way as a typical grid connected solar system but has the ability to store the solar energy generated. A hybrid system enables you to store the solar energy generated within a battery bank which gives you the ability to use it when you're home during the evening (when the cost of electricity is typically at peak rate).

 Hybrid system components

  • AC/DC converter: This unit converts the incoming AC supply to a suitable DC voltage which can be used to supply the inverter or charge the battery or both.
  • Inverter: This unit will be sized to cater for the full load requirements, including any start-up current needs. The battery makes it possible to supply current in excess of the average current for short periods, and the inverter needs to be sized to cater for this.
  • Charge controller: This unit controls the flow of DC current between the solar PV, the battery and the inverter, and must cater for the maximum charge and discharge currents from the battery, and ensure that the battery is charged at the correct rate.
  • Control unit: Controls the interaction between the different units depending on the mode of operation.


  • Solar hybrid systems allow you the option of reducing reliance on networks as it gives a choice of using your own generated solar power or using the conventional method of feeding solar power back towards the main grid.
  • Hybrid systems tend to encourage their owners to use electricity efficiently. 
  • Since you have control over your power, hybrid systems allow you to kill your night time bill altogether.
  • Less expensive than off-gird solar systems

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