Off Grid Solar Systems

Off grid system
  • Enjoy the same advantages of grid system solar
  • Generous government rebates available
  • Cheaper and more efficient than ever

Perfect for remote areas

For people living in remote locations, they may not have access to the mains electricity grid, they can still enjoy the benefits of solar with an off-grid solar system. For locations which are on grid, but would like the benefits of using solar energy when Sun is down, the Hybrid systems are the smartest solutions.

With Batteries

These systems have solar power produced in batteries that are typically set up as banks of storage batteries. These systems are generally required in remote areas with no access to mains. Off-grid systems with batteries work in the following way:

  • Sunshine on solar panels produce DC (Direct Current) Electricity
  • This DC electricity charges batteries arranged in series depending on the storage required
  • A regulator or charge controller that controls the amount and timing etc of charge going in to these batteries
  • 12 volt appliances can be run directly off the batteries or the current routed through an inverter converts it to 240V 50Hz AC electricity; suitable for running standard home appliances which are on AC240

Off-grid without batteries

The solar power system is directly connected to the DC load and therefore no battery backup is required to store the electricity. This system is capable of powering common appliances such as lights, fans, pumps, and fridges etc.

Off-grid photovoltaic solar power systems are mainly energised by photovoltaic panels which are not connected to the utility grid. One such example is Solar Water Pumps.

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