Solar Power

Solar Power
  • One of the best investments you’ll ever make
  • Beat the rising costs of electricity
  • Save money AND help the environment

It’s time you made the switch to solar

Solar power is the most sustainable renewable clean energy source available right now. As consumers, we will never run out of solar power.

There are continual advancements in solar panel technology which are increasing the efficiency and lowering the cost of production, thus making it even more cost effective.

Solar power is an incredibly valuable long-term investment. Not only will you save considerable money on the cost of your electricity, a solar system will add value to your home.

The Australian government provides rebates for installing solar power. This aims to encourage 20% of all energy produced by 2020, to come from renewable sources. There really has never been a better time to dramatically reduce your electricity costs and do your bit for future generations of Australians.

Access energy is the premier solar provider in Australia. We are proud to provide solutions that save our customers money and enrich the environment. As well as offering the very best solar products, we present our customers with a range of payment/finance options from a host of trusted financial institutions.

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