Solar Panels

Solar panels
  • Huge range of providers
  • Customised to fit to your roof
  • Usage capacity to suit different households

The key to your solar solution

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) refers to electricity that is obtained from sunlight. Every time a photon (a piece of light) reaches a solar panel, the photon can be reflected, passed straight through or absorbed. When the photon is absorbed, the energy that the light particle carries is transferred to electrons in the solar cell, generating electricity. Typically, panels are fitted on to a roof at the best angle to receive sunlight and maximise the amount of power generated.

At Access Energy, we pride ourselves on partnering with the top solar panel providers in Australia. As well as offering the most trusted brands, we are able to secure the best prices across a diverse range of solar panels that will complement any home.

We stock a range of premium solar panels to suit your household energy usage. The different types of solar panels that we provide include:

  • 12V solar panels
  • 24V solar panels
  • Monocrystalline
  • Polycrystalline

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  • Quality Panels
    Quality panels
    • Represent the bulk of the market
    • Cheaper than premium panels
    • Buyers must diligently research suppliers
  • Premium Panels
    Premium panels
    • Exceptional standard of quality
    • The best long-term value
    • Proven solar technology

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